You want your home to sell as quickly and as profitably as possible. However, selling your home is a complex and often emotional process, involving large sums of money and stringent legal requirements.

REALTORS are registered real estate professionals who have the knowledge, training and experience to effectively market your home and look out for your best interests.


We’re in the business of selling houses, and like all brokers, we charge a fee, but only when we sell your home. We consider this fair payment for helping you solve the complexities involved in the sale, such as:

-helping you establish the real value of your home, using statistics available only to REALTORS

-advertising and marketing your home

-getting information about your home to the many prospective buyers we’re in touch with

-freeing you from the necessity of staying home continually

-screening out the “lookers” from the genuine buyers

-helping your prospective buyer arranging financing

-helping steer you through “conditional” offers

-supporting you in your negotiations